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Thinking of selling your home next spring? There are a variety of home improvement projects you can have done this fall and winter that will pay out in the spring both in a faster sale and in bottom-line dollars. These projects will also impress your guests when they attend your holiday parties.

Fresh paint – Over time, your paint wears thin and rooms can look dingy. A freshly painted room looks crisp. Good painters will also patch and repair any damage to your drywall and trim before they paint.

Straighten cabinet doors, repair/clean grout, and upgrade the hardware – Beauty is in the details and these small improvements to your kitchen and bathrooms can make them look like new. Replacing old countertops is another inexpensive way to update a kitchen.

Change a drop-ceiling to a finished one and paneling to drywall – Many basements look uninviting because of industrial-looking drop-ceilings, fluorescent lighting, and dark paneling. Update your basement to a spectacular living space with drywall and fresh paint.

After having these improvements done, most people ask themselves, “Why didn’t I do this years ago?” So why don’t you?

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