Chris Suser is a former Navy SEABEE and a graduate of the University of Maryland. He is a veteran of the Operation Desert Storm and a home-grown Maryland success story. He always knew that an office job would never be the right fit for his independent, outgoing nature and started The Mower Man® right out of college. Then, while serving in Iraq helping to build hospitals, roads and landing strips for our troops a business idea started to take shape – one that he would work at and build into a success from the ground up.

He found his niche in small engine repair. This was not a skill he learned in college or even the military, but he knew there was a real need in this service. So, The Mower Man® was born. He worked to learn how to fix things while creating the infrastructure he would need to build the company. He focused on providing house-calls, exceptional customer service and a job well done.

Over the past 25 years Chris has tried a few different strategies as he has worked to grow the business. A few did not work out as planned, but became excellent learning opportunities. However, the majority became great successes. A few examples would be offering service contracts and the introduction of At Your Home Services® home repair. Both of these serve the dual purpose of leveling out the seasonal highs and lows of the core business. Now the The Mower Man® and At Your Home Services® are growing daily, customers are loyal and refer business consistently, and it is time to grow again.

Chris believes in the American dream, and that through hard work and dedication great things are possible. As he takes this business to the next level, he does so with a real sense of wanting to give other veterans a chance at that dream.