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Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration

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A deck is an expensive, but wonderful addition to your home, providing considerable quality of living to you and a valuable resale feature–unless it looks bad.

Let’s face it, wooden decks take a lot of regular care to maintain. If you’re like most home owners, or even the owner of a rental property with a wooden deck, if you don’t perform yearly maintenance your deck can deteriorate. Boards can get stained and crack, nails pop, and the wood can even splinter and decay.

Most companies will try and sell you on replacing your deck with something maintenance-free, and should your deck be beyond repair, we can provide that service with the same quiet competence and reliability that you’ve come to trust in us. But our preference when working with a deck that has basically sound construction is to go the environmentally friendly route and restore the deck instead.

  • First, we inspect your deck and assess its condition.
  • Then we power wash your deck.
  • We replace any boards that are damaged beyond repair, including railings.
  • Finally, we use a product called Restore™ by Rust-Oleum.

Restore™ is a durable coating product formulated to resurface most wooden and composite decks while providing lasting protection against moisture and the damaging effects of the sun. It’s the most cost effective, and environmentally conscious way to revitalize wood surfaces. Restore™ achieves a new finished look free of cracks and exposed splinters, often better than new! The coating dries to form a tough, resilient surface that will look beautiful and last for years with little maintenance. The product:

  • Fills cracks and nail holes,
  • Locks down splinters,
  • Hides imperfections,
  • Is slip resistant and ideal for wooden pool decks, piers, or docks,
  • Creates the look of manufactured decking products like Trex.

Restore™ also comes in a variety of colors to blend in with your home.

We do not cut corners by thinning the mixture or applying less than the manufacturer recommended quantities. We apply two coats at the full consistency, and we go a step further and make sure that the product is applied evenly and with the proper spaces between the deck boards cleaned.

Fall in love with your backyard all over again. Wow potential buyers with a beautiful, durable outdoor living space. Contact us today for a free assessment.



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November 18, 2016