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Ina and Larry Lyons


We have used Mowerman services for more than 10 years. We have always found the people knowledgeable, pleasant, on time, and efficient. We are sure the life of our mower has been extended because of the maintenance and service Mowerman has provided. We highly recommend Mowerman based on our experience over the years.

Francis Irons

Rockville, Maryland

This is a great business! Good job Chris!

John VerStandig

Rockville, Maryland

Please extend my thanks to whomever repaired my mower! The price was fair, the service excellent, and you couldn’t have been nicer!

Timothy Lacy

Bethesda, Maryland

Somewhere far distant from earth is a hero to lawnmowers everywhere . . . known as “MowerMan.”

William Schrader

Wheaton, Maryland

After your technician departed, I was able to cut my entire lawn in 2 to 2 1/2 hours, using self propelled operation . The entire time, and the blade never stopped by thick or long grass. Until now, self propelled operation was possible only in a part of the yard where the grass is much thinner; in heavy areas the blade simply stopped and would keep running only if the mower was pulled backward over a 6-inch wide strip. It as an exhausting process taking 6 to 8 hours in total usually spread over two days. The mower is 13 years old and it now was closer to the way it did when new than it has for several years.

Although clutch operated blades are not very common in lawn mowers, your technician correctly diagnosed the problem as a loose control cable and quickly made the needed adjustment. Your at-home service is especially welcome because this 73-year old doesn’t have to lift the heavy machine in and out the car trunk when it is serviced. Thank you very much.

I will gladly recommend your company to any friend or neighbor who is interested.

Patrick J. Sheeran


I have resided in Bethesda, Maryland for over 30 years. For most of that time, I have used the services of Chris Suser, known in these parts as “the Mowerman” to service my lawnmowers. I have always found Mr. Suser’s services to be timely, convenient, reasonable in price, and above all reliable and satisfactory. I have had no reason to seek the services from other repair organizations since I first met Mr. Suser nearly 30 years ago.

Mr. Suser is unique in the manner in which he provides services. One does not have to engage in the drudgery and inconvenience of hauling lawnmowers to his shop. Instead, Mr. Suser comes to or sends his technician to one’s house where all the work is completed and the lawnmowers are tested on the spot. I have found Mr. Suser and all his work force, including the people who work in his office, to be highly professional, courteous and dedicated to excellence. In emergency cases where a lawnmower does not work but is needed, Mr. Suser and his staff can be counted on to solve the problem quickly, effectively and professionally.

From my years of working with Mr. Suser and his staff, I would highly recommend them to anyone needing lawnmower services.

Kate Kern


We started using The Mowerman about 5 or 6 years ago, and they have been terrific. They come to your house (you don’t have to be home), sharpen your lawnmower blade, change the oil and spark plug and make adjustments, etc. I no longer have to wrestle my blade off the mower for sharpening nor do I have to haul my lawnmower out to be serviced. The Mowerman offers an excellent service that is well worth the money.

Kris Kiefer


I’ve had The MowerMan service my lawn mower for several years. I’m always impressed with the professional service I receive. I’m especially impressed with Ed. He is totally organized and efficient. He even checks to ensure that the blade is balanced!! When he is finished, the mower looks like new, and it works like new each spring when I first use it. Thanks, guys. I’m a customer for life.

Barry Lerman


Called The Mower Man to repair my snow blower. Chris came the next day. Reasonable and highly knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend.



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Yes I know The Mower Man, He came to my home and made my lawn mower like new again?

Since moving into a house the task of mowing the lawn has entered my life again. I was EXTREMELY lucky to get a hand me down lawn mower from Mr. & Mrs. M. I quickly realized I needed to figure out how to maintain this mower, which would save me a lot of money in the long run. I overheard my cousins talking at a family event about this Mower Man. You tell him where you keep the mower and he comes to your home, you don’t need to be home, and services the mower. If you get a service contract they will contact you and come out every Spring and change the oil and sharpen the blades and check for anything else that might be needed.

As a single Mom who works full time and has an issue with procrastination… This service is perfect for me. I finally got the contact info and called. They came out the next day.

When I got home from work Mini Red and her friend were sitting on the front step chatting up The Mower Man. I think he got a kick out of them. I tried to save him from them and soon found out we know a lot of the same people. As Squirrely Gurl can attest… My world tends to be quite small.

I was so excited to find a service like this and the price is definitely right. The Mower Man was very personable as well as knowledgable and the mower is now purring.

Thanks Mower Man!

Valerie McCausland


I have had Chris, The Mower Man, coming to my house for many years. I am a service contract customer for lawnmower, tractor and a snowblower. I have had Chris for home improvements also. Chris and his staff have proven to me over and over that they are honest in their business transactions and affordable in their prices. All work has been completed in a skillful manner. I highly recommend Chris and his staff to anyone that may need this type of service for home improvement or lawn machine repair.

Mary Mason

Burtonsville, Maryland

I hated grass growing season before finding Chris at the Mower Man; such a hassle trying to find someone to haul my lawn tractor to the shop and then to pick it up. Your company has been a delight to work with: Dependable, honest, straight shooting and very reasonably priced are just a few of your attributes. Whenever I have called I have received speedy and exceptional service. In the office Pat is very helpful and top of her game. The Mower Man has a customer for life.

Susan Hoover

Silver Spring, Maryland

I am pleased to say that Chris did an excellent job of servicing my riding mower. In the past I used a company that picked up and delivered at a much higher cost and the results were not always good. It also took as much as three weeks to get my mower back. Thanks to the efficient and excellent servicing of my mower on site, it only took a few hours and everything was done in a professional and courteous manner. I highly recommend The Mower Man and have already advised my friends.

James Hatter

Bowie, Maryland

We received service today to winterize our mower. I just wanted to compliment you on your serviceman. He was very courteous, kind and helpful. He even put the mower back in the shed for me. Thank you.

Susan Hoover

Silver Spring, Maryland

I want you to know that the men who delivered the material and the man who installed the gutter and downspout, as well as cleaned the front gutters, were very pleasant to know and professional in their work.

Eleanor Kaul

Olney, Maryland

I am so pleased with the tune-up on my mower. One pull and I can start it.

Ed Sakala


I called Mowerman because I was desperate to get my snow blower fixed after the last snow fall. The owner, Chris came out the next day and replaced the augar belt in about 15 minutes. He also had to clean out the carbuerator before he could start the snow blower. Where else can you get such great quick service at a very reasonable price? Now I am ready for the next storm.

Pearl Morris

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Renewal of service contract for the riding mower and push mower. PS. The roof looks good!

Patricia Oliver

Laurel, Maryland

I just wanted to say – thank you . . .
You have no idea how frustrating (yeah, you might) it was the past two years to have any mower quit after about 20 minutes and that would be it until it cooled down . . . I would have to go in the house and distract myself until I could attempt to pull the cord again and maybe it would start and maybe not . . . I love to mow, but I had to hire someone as the frustration was not worth it . . . at my age you have so many pulls a day and it would be embarrassing to ask a neighbor to pull the mower started.

NOW, I pull the cord and it starts with one attempt – amazing . . . and the only time it stop is if I’m done or it runs out of gas . . .

I am thrilled . . . And I just wanted Paul to know that his professionalism – to do the job right was what made the difference. And Pat, I get a chuckle whenever I recall our phone calls over the blade . . . it was a mystery . . .

My sincere appreciation to you both.

Matt Krimski

Sandy Spring Maryland

I have now have “oversized” (6”) gutters and downspouts with gutter covers for 2 ½ years now installed by your home services division. They have worked flawlessly through even hurricanes. Since the gutters were installed, my sump pump has been bone dry through even the worst extended downpours where with the original gutters it used to pump all the time and I would have puddles near the foundation. The larger gutters are great for keeping the rain pools away from the house. I’m glad I put in the new gutters and would do it again. Thanks for a tremendous job.

Becky Baltz

Laurel, Maryland

Hi Chris. This is Becky Baltz and your men just finished painting my porch, shutters, and such. Larry and two of his workers did an excellent job and I want to thank you so much

Pearl Morris

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Renewal of service contract for the riding mower and push mower. PS. The roof looks good!