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You’ve worked your mower or tractor hard all summer to keep your lawn looking good. Now, with the advent of cooler weather, it’s time to tuck your lawn equipment away for a long winter’s nap. By having your equipment serviced before you put it away for the winter, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having equipment that will start right up when you need it.

Spring is a great time for plants. It’s the time your lawn grows the fastest. It’s also the wettest time of year and you have to be prepared to take advantage of any dry day at a moment’s notice to mow or your lawn can quickly overgrow. Spring is the last time you can afford to have your mower refuse to start.

Winter is hard on your equipment. Debris rots mucking up your mechanicals, cables corrode, even your fuel can go bad. Our Tractor* and Mower Tune-Ups include:

  • Treat fuel/winterize
  • Blow off dirt/debris with compressed air
  • New spark plugs
  • Oil change & lube
  • Sharpen/balance blades
  • Clean/replace air filter
  • Operational check & adjustments
  • Belts & cables checked & tightened or replaced
  • Inflate tractor tires to proper PSI*
  • Check & clean battery cables*

Best of all, we come to you and service your equipment on-site.

Take advantage of The Mower Man’s maintenance plan and rest assured that your equipment will start right up when you need it next spring, during one of those freakish heat waves we sometimes get in January, or – whenever.


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